Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I promise I'm doing things

I've been hacking away at this book (glorified zine?) but I haven't really been posting much of it. AND I won't yet! but I will post some of these funny logos that'll be part of it :D If I can get my act together It'll be done by the time MoCCA hits.

It'll be release by Mitchell and I's new zine press: GET LOST PRESS

We have 2 books so far! The first is Mitch's Art History thesis put into a half-letter format plus a fold-out poster. The second is my latest installment of my Knee Deep & Losing Sleep series. It's also a half-letter and includes some cool new drawings! check out that tumblr link above for way more images!

xoxo, niq

ps: look at that adorable photo of me at the top left portion of this page! It was taken by the amazingly talented and generally awesome Elle Perez. She is a champion of justice.

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