Tuesday, November 17, 2009


some spots and stuff for allan comport's concepts class! it was for an article in Psychotherapy Networker about post-traumatic stress disorder brought about by the Iraq war. i tried to work like my colored pencil drawings but in photoshop! i'm excited for where this is going!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

i'm not dead!

Cam, John, Laura, and I have been working on a mural recently. here are some progress shots! it's an astronaut and his face is exploding into plant life and shapes and stuff. you can see other photos of the other parts of the wall on Kerry's blog!

and here's some stuff that i've been brooding over in my sketchbook recently. i kinda stopped trying to create finished spreads. the lack of pressure has been good.

2 collaborative drawings with Mitchell:

and one for emily burtner:

fun experimental pieces coming soon! also, my poster for the baltimore office of sustainability was chosen! look for it printed huge at bus stops soon!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

stuff + the fest

here's the slightly reworked version of that last piece.

...and here is my entry for Alyssa Nassner's Harry Potter zine. The kiddies will love it.

Here’s a super quick rundown of my fest schedule!

Magrudergrind: a lot better than the last time I saw them! Maybe it’s because the sound at 10 car annoys me! Super heavy!

Iron Lung: so much win! It’s amazing that they can play that shit while singing!

Young Widows: don’t really listen to them but they were awesome! I liked their amp/light combo.

Coliseum: cool guitar sounds brahhhh. They also played dehumanize so I was happy.

A Wilhelm Scream: not as tight as I thought they were going to be but still super fun

The Menzingers: catchiest band ever. They also played a sick Billy Bragg cover.

The Ghost: good and old. I wished they played for half as long

Polar Bear Club: not much to say about them. Definitely one of the best sets I saw. Kids were going nuts.

Coffin Dancer: really wanted to see this band and they were solid. The vocals were kinda annoying at points thought.

Capsule: tech win. Also the dude has a black guitar head with an orange amp font. I dunno what that is but it was awesome.

Pulling Teeth: always win. Always. Super angry.

Pygmy Lush: so chill. Probably the tightest band I saw. Sometimes I wish they played their heavy stuff though

Cloak/Dagger: Meh but singer was wearing a muscle costume with henry rollins’ tattoos drawn on it.

D4: so much fun. So much beer on me. So many fat dudes.

Ringers: this band is breaking up and I am sad. One of the other best sets I saw.

North Lincoln: Also sad that I didn’t ever get into this band since they’re breaking up too. Super tight. Super catchy.

Good Luck: shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit so much noodling. Another best of fest set.

Whiskey & Co.: mitch and I needed to see some alt country. They were solid.

Drag the River: good but I wish they played with a full band instead of just 2 acoustic guitars.

Random band in house where the floor was going to collapse: they were entertaining but it was 238042319024089234890 degrees in that room.

Then this happened: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kh8m3Z52E8
And we started running as fast as we could.

Broadway Calls: this band used to be good. Not so much now.

Deep Sleep: a lot better than the last time I saw them. I like this band. Tony makes me lulz. Coulda been tighter though.

Comadre: so much fun. I like seeing this band. Got their split with Trainwreck, another quite crucial band.

Ampere: first time seeing them after years of listening. Happy I did. Really solid band. I decided to pick up the Sinaloa split on blue marbled vinyl.

Sadly, after this Mitchell and I had to leave to get back to Baltimore since we had the last of our midterms. The kids we were with ended up seeing Teenage Cool Kids, Religious as Fuck, and Vaccine.

We actually had really awesome food there too. the reggae cafe was quite tasty. free burrito day was good. and the Colombian hot dog tent at 2am was godly. Overall, an awesome experience.

toodlez <3 nick