Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ICON6 & other not so related news

AHHH! lots of stuff to post!

1) I got back from Los Angeles yesterday morning after my adventure to the 6th installment of the Illustration Conference. I went to the last one and had a fun time, but this one was even better. I was on the volunteer staff along with a bunch of my pals and an assortment of kids from other schools. I met a bunch of people that I'd only known through the interwebz like Hannah and David. I re-met Nina and also met David Jien, whose work I completely adore.

Here's the promo 'zine that I made for ICON. keepin' it simple.

I also bought this neato Poketo wallet with a snazzy drawing by Mr. Will Bryant on it.

Big ups to Niv, Cam, Alex, Nina, Hannah, Dan, Babs, other Alex, Mollie, Craig, GEE-SHAWN and everyone else who made the trip a blast!

2) In other (VERY IMPORTANT) news, my NEW WEBSITE is up and running! thanks a ton to Mitchell for all the coding and taking payment in burritos. It's way snazzy! He has a blog post about all the work that went into it here!

3) I finished this alternate cd packaging for the band Algernon Cadwallader's "FUN" ep during last semester but I never got around to photographing it. I need to remake it thought since there are some icky parts.

4) I also got a new camera (canon rebel xs with some cool lenses) which I will be using extensively when I leave for SPAIN ON FRIDAY. yesssssssssssssssss I'm so pumped for BarTHelona!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

gimme gimme more

here's a shirt for the Baltimore's MORE Collective, just in time for Artscape! The white one is being printed but I also thought the tan shirt was fun. They're putting together a pretty sweet line-up of Baltimore-themed tshirts with some super snazzy artists. Get the shirts here!

I also had some 5x7 cards printed up for ICON6. they came out kinda dark and blown out. That's what I get for using a digital press :/

Also, a new promo 'zine is on the way! it needs to be done by Sunday! gahhhhhh