Monday, August 23, 2010


OMG SENIOR YEAR AT MICA STARTS IN 1 WEEK. AHHHHHH! (this exclamation has been greatly shortened to fit in the blog window)

My schedule is as such:

Independent with Dan Krall: probably Tuesday nights
Arts of Asia with Jane Elkinton: Wednesday nights
Thesis/Seminar with Dave Plunkert/Allan Comport: Thursday all day 4ever

Edel got a project in for the Washington Post that I also did drawings for. It's a dual book review of "Exploring Happiness" by Sissela Bok and "The Pain Chronicles" by Melanie Thernstrom. Here are my versions!

And with the start of the English Premier League underway, I did a portrait of the illustrious Manchester United forward, Wayne Rooney; who is not doing so well at the moment. I'm so pumped for La Liga to start!

I went to Spain and Portugal, that was cool. Here are some cool highlight photos:

I do have quite a few sketchbook pages to show but they'll be posted in due time since my scanner is being mean.

your latin lover,
nicolás iluzada