Thursday, June 24, 2010

omg an update

HEY EVERYONE. yea I haven't updated this in like 2 months, but watevaaaa. sooooo this summer class is good but since it's condensed it's kicking my ass. I still have a fun 10 pager due on tuesday :/

I made a mix for my super adorable and talented girlfriend! here's the cover:

insert/tracklisting. as you can see it is totally awesome.

insert back! it's a map from her house to mine!

and the two cd faces! puppies!

here's an entry for a zine that my friend Jordan is making. the theme was "grey areas"

and I did a really quick flyer a few weeks ago. weeeeeeeeeeeee

I promise I will have more things in the near future. My internship with Edel Rodriguez starts next week! ICON6 is just around the corner (ie. IN-N-OUT)! Also, I'm working on a shirt design for the Baltimore-based printmaking collective MORE. so yea! new things! better things! yay!