Thursday, October 21, 2010


Here are a few more pieces from the thesis. The first is from the episode "After Life", the second is from the episode "Laughter", and the third is from the episode "Falling". The later two were kinda rushed but I'll live.

Midterms is finally over! yay! too bad I still have work to do :P But I will finally get some sleep this weekend. Big Kids is playing here on Sunday so that will be cool. Loma Prieta plays here 2 days before my birthday and I am super excited!

I'm not really sure how this blog is supposed to function right now since I usually post new pieces to flickr too. I've only really been posting finished work but I might do other things. Any suggestions?


Sunday, October 10, 2010

RADIOL LAB: Animal Minds

Long time no post people of internetz! This is my introductory piece to my first semester project in Senior Thesis. I'm illustrating episodes of WNYC's Radiolab and then designing them into a cool greatest hits type of cd/dvd package thing.

This episode was about animal minds and how and/or if we as humans can ever truly understand what other organisms on this planet think. This version is slightly different than the one I put up on flickr but I'm pretty sure this is the final one.

Hopefully I'll have a few more things to post by next week since it's midterms! (gahhhhh) In other news, I AM SO TIRED OMG WHY. I'm sure it's a combination of not getting enough sleep, my awful diet, stress, and departmental things! but alas, us seniors only have to float through MICA illustration purgatory for another semester and a half so we are much luckier than some! Also, here's a camera phone picture of my studio!
AND, here's a sketchbook page that I never put up on this blog for some reason!