Thursday, October 21, 2010


Here are a few more pieces from the thesis. The first is from the episode "After Life", the second is from the episode "Laughter", and the third is from the episode "Falling". The later two were kinda rushed but I'll live.

Midterms is finally over! yay! too bad I still have work to do :P But I will finally get some sleep this weekend. Big Kids is playing here on Sunday so that will be cool. Loma Prieta plays here 2 days before my birthday and I am super excited!

I'm not really sure how this blog is supposed to function right now since I usually post new pieces to flickr too. I've only really been posting finished work but I might do other things. Any suggestions?



Andy Mangold said...

I think the top two are really strong, but the falling one is not as clever and concept based for me. The first two compliment the episodes nicely: the first extrapolating on what they talked about and the second visualizing something that is almost never represented visually (laughter). However, the third, as far as I can see, is merely a man falling. The arrows in place of his eyes don't add to the narrative or show me something I didn't know already.

If I remember correctly, and I may not, this is the episode where they talk about how time is perceived to slow down as you fall (or is that the time episode?) BUH. Either way, I think the illustration could relate more to the idea the episode presents, as opposed to the physical act of falling.

These are aesthetically and formerly stunning, it goes without saying. Cannot wait to see the whole set.

Kristin Nohe said...

so glad you added the mouth

trust me, it's so much better with it

Kristin Nohe said...

so glad you added the mouth

trust me, it's so much better with it

Chloé Nicolay said...

Hello here :) as I can't post comments on flick'r, I'm glad you have a blog ! plus, I prefer blogs because of the little things you can add, like anecdotes about your day, and so on.

WELL I really like your work a lot ! very fresh and original...and colourful... cool stuff, really.

cheers from Paris !
à bientot,

Chloe said...

The top one is a FAV on Flickr.