Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My final semester is winding down so I only have an assignment or 2 left! I had to do a drawing for the New Scientist article/book review "Life with your avatar" for the book Infinite Reality. I've stuck it into the page layout below for your viewing pleasure!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Big Day! man o man! wooooooooo

So many surprises today! First off, my first real piece came out (the one above). It's for Plan Adviser's section Hot Off the Presses and was AD'd by SooJin Buzelli. SooJin hires a TON of really really really good illustration so I definitely was happy to do this one!

ALSO, I got 5 (FIVE YEAH WOAH) pieces into American Illustration 30! suuuuuupppperrrrr stoked for real. O man, I'm so amp'd it's hard to type.

on the other side of the spectrum, SKOOL IS ENDING FOREVER. everything is coming down reaaaaal hard like. too many papers/finals/commencement shows to worry about for it to be anywhere near okay.

What does the future hold? Come June, I'm moving back up to NJ for a few months while I look for apartments in NY. Also, I need to rent out studio space. SO if you're in the city, and need a roommate or studiomate, hit me up! preferably in BRKLYN. holla atcha boi.

Julianna, Abby, and I will be running around the city on May 6th for SI Student opening. Pizza party all around.

AND, Chip Shot comes out soon! look at JJ's adorbz face!

con amor,

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ambiguous Book Jacket Project

Another one for my Fantasy Art class. John Hendrix and Jaime Zollars created an assignment which had us make book covers for fake books with vague/mysterious titles. Mine was Citizen Of Gravity. I decided the book would probably be a series of light-hearted vignettes on "letting go". The mock-up image was totally stolen from the internet somewhere. yay google images.

The rainbow dog machine drawing from the last post is available for purchase through the Gallery Nucleus! it's only $50 and a portion goes towards a good cause (world wildlife fund)!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nuclear Meltup

a few quick things! both are for shows at Gallery Nucleus in LA! w00000t. ok the first one is a 7"x5" drawing for their Power In Numbers show. I decided to draw a rainbow dog machine!

and the second one is for their upcoming Harry Potter show! cool idea? i think so. My take on it was obviously a quidditch match.

also, my bestie Mitchell and I have started creating/printing zines under the moniker GET LOST PRESS as I think I've previously stated. The first editions of our first 2 zines are basically done and the third one is on it's way. If you have a tumblr go follow us!

xoxo, niqo robbin'

Friday, April 1, 2011


ha! cam and I designed a mural a while back and they decided it was a good idea to use a photo of it for this issue of MICA's Juxtapositions Magazine. The photo credit inside was given to GAIA lol. also that's laura on the right. she deserves a shout out too.

hey duderz! if any of you happen to be going to MoCCA you should stop by and say hi! I don't remember what table we're at but it's somewhere near the middle.

too many things happening at this exact second to write more. xoxopanda