Monday, March 7, 2011


Senior year freak out! Julianna and I have been trying to de-stress and have fun. Top chef, video games, and fun times. stay posi! collaborative sketchbook doodle by us:

I feel like people are going to think I just do soccer drawings after this semester is over. Anyways, here's a drawing of Bafé Gomis from Lyon.


Mitchell Goodrich said...

is this the internet website page for the young man who paints soccer fan-art? i have been directed by Ask-Jeeves. is correct, yes? if so i'd like to commision a painting for my son's 7th birthday.

the painting will also be printed on the top of the cake. excuse me for not knowing, but he likes the one london player that is on tv alot... do you know who this is? can you paint him for my son.

the birthday is in 3 weeks. i have made sure to contact you ahead so that you have time to make a nice work for my son, if you will please.

as payment, we will invite you to the birthday party where you can have two slices of pizza and a juice box. also, if you will paint good, i can give you $10 for your effort.

thank you,
Frank Zappa

-adjuntc faculty of the year, 2001
-professor of professional studies in photographic anti-medium, 1973-2009
-daren arnofsky prize for excellent effort especially eagerness, 1999
-three buckets and a chum carrot assistant photographer, 197
-i wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin.
-ostrich-sized monthy's female/male companion of the week, last week.
-manifest destiny
-abraham abdule jabar
-magic ghost
-magic jordan
-magic hat
-magic hate
-canterburry night tales

p.s. Do you make real art? can you draw as good as salvadore dali? i like him. he is my favorite artist. also my husbands. you should enter Work of Art: it is a show on Bravo channel i think, where people complete to be good artists like on survivor but not for survival. It is a good show. I think one of last years contestants went to your school, do you know her? her name is Jacqueline Santos

Nick Iluzada said...