Monday, May 25, 2009


Hey everyone, I'm finally getting around to update this thing again. Last semester was hell and you have no idea how happy I am that it's over. Lot's of drama that made it very hard to get work done. I feel like my drawing skillz have worsened which is why I'll be taking 2 drawing classes next semester. Speaking of which here's my schedule for fall!

monday: abnormal and personal psychology- Akira Otani
tuesday: Illustration concepts1-Allan Comport, Drawing: Illusionism-Susan Waters-Eller
wednesday: Drawing: Sumi-ink- Youngmi Organ
thursday: A Baroque Feast- Kim Anderson
friday: offfffffffffffff (but I'm currently signed up for DIY)

I think I'm going to try and go to Art Center in Pasadena for my Spring semester of this year. If anyone who goes there has any advice please tell me! I'm not sure what classes I'll be able to take but they'll probably be 300-400 levels? I also need to figure out where I'll be living since I don't think they have dorms. It should be nice to get out of Baltimore after the fall and focus on getting some hardcore work done.

Sooooooo this summer I'm interning for a few dudes at a little place called the pencil factory. It's basically a revamped warehouse in Brooklyn that used to be an actual pencil factory and there are like 6 floors with a wide array of creative companies. I'm working for a group of freelancers who share studio space most notably Ted, Josh, Sam, Grady, Chris, and Rachel. I'm hoping Frank Stockton makes an appearance sometime so I can keep being an illustration creepster. lol. My first day I was working with Josh (who's one of my favorite illustrators ever so I was mad nervous) and his studio-mates Niel and Alex and it was pretty shweet. If anything exciting happens I shall keep everyone posted!

and congrats to my dawg Cam for interning for Mr. James Jean.

anyways, here are some sketchbook pages from semi-recent times. the first 6 are from my old book and the last 3 are some from the new book that has been rather uncooperative. Not sure how I feel about most of these but w/e it's all good.


Abby Boeh said...

WHHHAAAAAAAT you get to chill with my lady Rachel?! Tell her I said hi! I had her for Wet Media last semester. How'd you score a sweet internship like that anyway?!

Hey, dude, we have Concepts together. Rock on. All your work is still freakin' awesome, I can't wait to see what you do over the summer!

dadu shin said...

hey man nice pages. really diggin that last one. and pencil factory? fuckin dope man, jealous. James Jean? jealous again. how did he end up gettin that gig?

Nick Iluzada said...

abby: yo i just asked ted lol. u should update more

dadu: yo thnx. i'm not really sure how cam ended up with that, tho he told me he just emailed james and sent him some work so i'm guess it went something like that roflcon

Emily said...

yo, stay in DIY. I am currently in it but I am also currently going to be in europe. but the teacher is awesome and just ask jenna or carey. they both had diy and said it was good.

Cam Floyd said...

i am diggin that orange train drawing! enjoy your internship!

dadu: what nick said, plus i met him a few times

jawcooper said...

Beautiful sketches!

Noel Chanyungco said...

I'm really digging that palette/drawing on the bottom man. that shit is real jah!