Thursday, May 28, 2009

previews and such

here's a two previews for upcoming stuff. The first is this drawing/painting i've been working on for a while since i'm trying to see what happens when i spend a long time doing a piece instead of like 20 minutes. it's supposed to be done for this juried art show by this weekend since that's when the drop-off is, but I am thouroughly unsure of if it will get finished in time. the 2nd is this sketchbook page that i've been working on and off on. newly primed!

this last piece was something I did awhile ago that I was never satified with. annnnnd I'm still not though it is better. graphite, ink, acrylic, digital


Cam Floyd said...

cool stuff. post those finished versions! the colors in the last piece are very strong tho i tend to like the bg more than the figures.

Sam Bosma said...

I like the look of that primed sketchbook page guy.

Mel Bar said...

why you so good nicky booboo ?