Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm so fresh

This is my contribution to NOBROW 6, which is going to rock everyone's socks off!

I did a little painting for RAW's 5 year anniversary show in Manchester. If you're out there in the UK, u should go! All the profits are going to charity!

Also, I've been in Southern Maine for the last week and I tried to get some sketchbooking done since I've been slacking for most of the year. Here's the first spread thus far!

And lastly, I'll be in Baltimore on the 24th! I'm super excited! Speaking of B'more, Abby did some cool character drawings for B Newspaper recently! check em out if you're in the area! Also if you're on the west coast, pick up The Stranger since Niv has a drawing on the front cover this week!

I'm in the next CMYK too! I'll post a pic when it comes out in October :D