Saturday, February 19, 2011

chip shot

I'm making a soccer zine for thesis and this is the newest set of draw vomit for the time being. i'm still in the process of figuring this out. give it time!

also, a few of us MICAns along with some other awesome kids (primarily from risd) are in the SI student show. if you're in ny check it out!


(Shawny) Shawn Pedralba said...

it may be draw vomit, but it still looks great!

Nick Iluzada said...

thanks man

Sam Gauss said...

What, ORANGE AND BLUE not good enough for you?!

Lookin' fly :)

matiassantamaria said...

Nick, tus trabajos son realmente increibles, los encontre en fffound, los segui por supersonic electric y pude llegar a tu web, ahora en tu blog me doy con el gusto de decirte que son alucinantes.

Un saludo