Tuesday, January 25, 2011

turtle power

herro ery'body, long time no post! this is a quicker little piece that I did for Jaime Zollars' Fantasy Art class. we were supposed to take a fantasy art cliché and make it not suck. My subject was islands that were actually big turtles, thus trans-dimensional turtle island.

I also went to the Sequential/Uncommissioned Opening at the Society of Illustrators and it was purdy gewd. Met some new people as well as some kids from the internet that I'd been wanting to meet for awhile. I was way nervous during my speech since the place was super packed!

I have some cool projects in the works (like real people work) that will be unveiled soon enough ;D thanks for being so patient as I struggle to post more often!

stay gold,


Nina Goffi said...

lookin' sharp!

Niv Bavarsky said...

Congrats again my friend - I really like this new piece, too!