Tuesday, May 4, 2010

siqqq bro siqqqqqqqqq

herrrroooo everyone! i haven't updated in almost a month! eeeeeek

well junior year is coming to a close and that's super scary! only one more year until I have to be a real person.

This first piece was for Dan Krall's fashion class. According to Zach Hazard it's all the kinds of punk kids that you don't see in Baltimore.

this next piece was my final for my illustration concepts class with Rachel Salomon. It's about how the collective conciousness is going to be digitized.

this was a quickie for rachel's class too. it was about digital immortality.

I got 2 of my skateboards printed out! the colors are a little off and I can see the dot grain but overall I think they came out good! held up by my super awesome friend Emma!

Summer is coming up so fast! I'm taking Deep Ecology with Firmin DeBrabander. I'm volunteering at ICON6 in Pasadena with my dawgs Alex, Niv, Babs, Cam, some other MICA kids and a good chunk of the Pencil Factory crew (tho they're obviously not volunteering). You can find all of their links in the sidebar on the left! it's going to be a party. After that I'm interning for Edel Rodriguez which will also be a blast. After that I'm going to Spain with my family yayayayay!

what is everyone up to? if you're in Baltimore you should gimme a shout!


Kyle Fewell said...

those are all pretty awesome. i like some of the band references in the the piece for dans class.

Emma Maatman said...

i've always wanted a skateboard-shaped face, and now i finally have one!

dadu shin said...

looking good dude! sounds like you got an amazing summer ahead of you too! word!