Sunday, January 25, 2009

break is overrrrr

i only did like, 1 drawing over my month long break. o wellz! i guess it's technically not even finishedd

yay photobooth!


Sam Bosma said...

Get a scanner, chump.

Piece looks nice. Keep it up (as if you wouldn't). What piece did you get into SILA?

Nick Iluzada said...

this one:

will you be shipping stuff out to the wonderland that is la?

Sam Bosma said...

No way man, $45 a piece in publication fees, PLUS frames, PLUS shipping would be hells expensive. I saved my money and put some extra stuff into Spectrum.

Nick Iluzada said...

a wise decision indeed. i just entered the student competition so i think i only had to pay $25? good luck with spectrum dawggg!