Sunday, December 21, 2008

mass update 2

Here's my final for my hand letters class with Whitney Sherman. The assignment was to make a calendar (almost) entirely out of hand-lettering. It took far too long to make but I guess I'm pretty proud of it.

here's one of my wonderfully framed prints that I sold a few of at the MICA Art Market last week. w00 for Michael's craft frames.

also, buttons!

and since i haven't posted anything from my figure drawing class this semester, I'm posting these two piczzzz. one's drawn with charcoal on bright white johannot and the other is drawn on rives bfk with india ink and a plastic fork. guess which is which. held up by my roomie/dawwwwg mitchell james.


Emily said...

wtf nick why you so gooooood

also mitchy roommate ftw!!!

Nick Iluzada said...

yaaaaaaaaaa mitchy be livin' with us next semesterzzz

also, super bowl party?

L.B. said...

I'm looking gooood in fork-o-vision.
This post is awesome.
Your documentation of your calendar ... wtf. So nice. Someone is getting hella competitive scholarship this year.

Niv Bavarsky said...

Man, that's a nice project Nick. Good work.

Kali said...

I think I particularly like "Your Face is Scary" and "Honey I'm Home" :) Nice job! Cool wooden box! Did you carve it by hand or some high-tech lazzzer?