Friday, October 24, 2008

Mass update 1

Still doing tons of school work. I'll upload sketchbooks and whatnot eventually but here's 2 assignments. The first is an alphabet made of my shoelaces for my hand letters class:

and the second is a diptych for my illustration 1 class that's supposed to illustrate one of the 7 deadly sins and its counter virtue. I did patience and wrath.

expect some large sketchbooks updates in the near future.

edit: i forgot to post this portrait of lawlbert camus that was also for illustration 1. done in goooo-asch on a wood panel. please excuse the terrible cameraphone pic for the moment.


Sam Bosma said...

That diptych is awesome. How awesome? Probably the most awesome you've done. Real awesome.

Emily said...

for real.
that diptych just blew my mind. srsly

Kali said...

Okay, I saw the diptych with Sam & we were both in love with it. I got reminded to tell you that when I saw it in the hallway in Fox. Keep it up! I'm liking all the sketches you're posting too!