Tuesday, July 15, 2008

sorry for this unexcusably terrible picture

yea werd. i'm working on some new lines. 11x14 on tan reeeeeeeeves bfk dawg. nowhere near done. i'll be doing some fun digital coloring which i haven't done in awhile so look out! obvious jeff soto, james jean, andrew hem, and hayao miyazaki influence is way too obvious.

i don't know if i'll ever finish that other piece below this one that i was working on. maybe one day even tho it was just a study.


Francis Vallejo said...

nice lines man!

unfortunately the time has passed to do any more artwork for the totoro. It had to be on an invite only basis. Appreciate the notion though.

all the best!

Francis Vallejo said...

the book should be for sale, probably around September time, but I'm not for sure the exact release date